What to Expect at a Consultation

Mother Earth Foods' StoreConsultations in Person

Most of our clients prefer to meet face-to-face with David Hawkins, aka the Herb Doc. Our offices are located above the store, Mother Earth Foods, at 1638 19th Street, Parkersburg, WV 26101. Get directions here.

Intake Forms

The Herb Doc with a customer
Dave Hawkins, aka the Herb Doc, answering
a customer’s questions in the store.

If this is your first visit, your first step after making your appointment will be to fill out the necessary in-take forms. You can download them here, or contact us if you prefer to have the forms mailed to you.

Bring the forms with you to your appointment.

Your First Appointment

A typical first consultation lasts about an hour. Dave will review all of the health information you and your doctors have provided and will discuss your major concerns. You will leave with a tailor-made program for your health and wellness.

Follow up consultations may vary in length, frequency, and topics based on your preferences and the Herb Doc’s recommendations.

Skype or call for your convenience!Telephone Consultations

You can also get your questions answered in the comfort of your own home or office via telephone or Skype. This option works well for many clients because it allows them to schedule the appointment at their own convenience. Payments are made to your credit card at the end of the session.

Consultation Hours

Consultations take place on THURSDAYS

Morning Consults:
10AM – 1PM Eastern Standard Time

Afternoon Consults:
2PM – 5PM Eastern Standard Time

Please contact us about any
special scheduling requests.


$75 an hour

$100 for 1.5 hours
(Recommended for the initial consultation
after the diagnosis of a serious illness.

We do not participate with
health insurance plans.

Payments are due at time of service.


Call 304-428-1024, ext. 130
or email customerservice@motherearthworks.com
to schedule an appointment.

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